4 months, 4 questions – with Jonathan Ferraz


When new colleagues join us, they bring a breath of fresh air.

Their outside perspectives can provide refreshing innovative ideas to help us improve our existing procedures.

That’s why we are launching 4 months, 4 questions – introducing “new” colleagues. 

This month, meet Jonathan Ferraz, who has been working for us in Paris for four months now, and has just been promoted to International New Business Lead.

Before joining our team, Jonathan was working as Digital Director at Publicis Media International in Paris, and as Commercial Strategy manager at News Corp in Sydney. 


Q1: Jonathan, first of all, good to have you on board and congrats on your promotion! If you could describe your first months with RTL AdAlliance in four emojis, which ones would you choose and why?  

🍫: We have a lot of snacks, and my desk is in front of the kitchen.

📺: Total Video, should I say more? 

🐙: Felt like being an octopus reaching out to 8 things at the same time with my tentacles.

🙋♂️: That’s me giving my (constructive!) opinion. It’s also “here to help” or “hey hey” to my new clients. 

Q2: Starting a new job always means taking in a lot of information in a short time which can be overwhelming sometimes. How do you unwind from work? 

As I’m finally back in Europe after 5 years in Australia, I spend most of my weekends catching up with long-lost friends across the country (Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon) or a bit further when I can (London, Barcelona, New York). 

Of course, I also have the classic gym and social drink when I am in Paris (but not at the same time).

Q3: You’ve already worked in various positions all over the world (Paris, London, Sydney) and now you are back in Paris. If you compare your experiences, what strikes you as the most distinctive characteristic of working in Paris for RTL AdAlliance? And if you could take one thing from one of your former work environments to implement here, what would it be?  

Working in Paris at RTL AdAlliance made me realise how important it was to share the same cultural values and references. From a professional perspective, I connect in a deeper and more authentic way with my clients and colleagues here in Paris. 

What I would bring from my past experiences is maybe some more team activities outside of work, sports clubs etc. What about a  team event offsite in Hawaii (it really happened when I worked at Expedia!). 

Q4: What are you looking forward to – jobwise and personally – in the next few months to come? 

In the next few months, I’m looking forward to building a strong and efficient approach to New Business with the team and always be closing!  

Personally, I’m looking forward to traveling around Europe this Summer starting with Barcelona, London, and Oslo. 

Thank you Jonathan for sharing, have a lovely summer!

👋 We have amazing colleagues on board, don’t you think? Who should we interview next? Happy to hear from you via rtladalliance_internalcomms@rtl.com