5 months, 4 questions – with Simone Rondena 

Reading time : 3 minutes

When new colleagues join us, it is a breath of fresh air. Their outside perspectives can provide refreshing innovative ideas to help us improve our existing procedures.  

This month, meet Simone Rondena, who has been working for us in Milan for five months as International Key Account Executive.  Prior to joining our team, Simone worked as Junior Operational Sales Manager for Axel Springer in Berlin.   

Simone, first of all, great to have you on board!

Q1: If you were to describe the time you’ve spent working with RTL AdAlliance with emojis, which ones would you choose and why?  

📚& 📈 Since day one, I have learnt a lot and my goal is to continue to learn and get better at what I do every day.   

 🌍 Working with people worldwide – colleagues, publishers and clients – is unquestionably a perk of our profession.  

👥 I feel that the human factor is still important in our world with AI and metaverse. And, thankfully, connections with individuals have played a significant role in the projects I’ve worked on during the last few months.   

🍝 Love the office lunch break when we all are sitting down at the kitchen table and chat while eating a good meal… we are in Italy after all.

Q2: Starting a new job always means taking in a lot of information in a short time, which can be overwhelming sometimes. How do you unwind after work?  

In my free time, I try to spend a lot of time with friends and family, while also carving out moments for myself. I enjoy going out for a chat and the occasional dancing during the weekend. I love music, playing drums and writing songs. As I am also a huge football fan, you will find me cheering at the stadium.   

To keep fit, I have recently discovered a passion for bouldering… hard work, but what fun!

Q3: You’ve already worked in Berlin for Axel Springer. If you compare both experiences, what strikes you as the most distinctive characteristic of working in Milan for RTL AdAlliance? And if you could take one thing from one of your former work environments to implement here, what would it be?

In both jobs, I was working internationally. What impressed me most about the Milan office is the sense of solidarity within the team, which instantly made me feel at ease. Regardless of work titles, everyone is ready to contribute and make themselves available. It’s great teamwork!

As to my previous position, maybe more ‘afterwork’ fun in the office on Fridays – with music, pizza, and beer, getting to know colleagues better outside of work-related conversations.

Q4: What are you looking forward to – jobwise and personally – in the next few months to come?

Looking forward to my first international trip to a trade fair as a representative of RTL AdAlliance at Anuga in Cologne this October (as food is an important industry for our office). If anyone is there as well, let’s get in in touch and meet up!

On a personal level, I’m looking forward to spending some holiday time in London shortly, including going to a concert!

👋 We have amazing colleagues on board, don’t you think? Who should we interview next? Happy to hear from you via rtladalliance_internalcomms@rtl.com