5 months, 4 questions

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Meet Clémence Voarick

When new colleagues join us, they bring with them valuable outside perspectives. This can provide refreshing innovative ideas and help us improve.  

This month, meet Clémence Voarick, who has been working for us in Paris for five months as International Sales Manager. Prior to joining our team, Clémence worked as Sales Manager for TF1 Pub.  

Q1: Clémence, if you were to describe the last 5 months at RTL AdAlliance with emojis, which ones would you choose and why?

❤️: For the warm welcome of the Paris BU and especially the sales team with their positive energy.

🤝: For a new way of collaboration that I did not know before – with media partners and new clients on an international level.


Q2: Starting a new job always means taking in a lot of information in a short time, which can sometimes be overwhelming. How do you unwind after work?

To unwind after work, I do a lot of sports like cycling, boxing, or cross-training but I also enjoy having a drink with my colleagues: best way to finish a day of work.

I also have the chance to have my twin sister and my older sister who live near the ocean and the sea, so when I can, I leave Paris and go straight to the water to go kitesurfing or wing foiling.


Q3: You have come to us from TF1. If you compare your former work life with today, what strikes you as the most distinctive characteristic of working for RTL AdAlliance? If you could take one thing from one of your former work environments to implement here, what would it be?

Working at RTL AdAlliance has the advantage to work for a small company in a big group, so you have the flexibility, autonomy and opportunity to propose ideas.

The things that I would bring from TF1 are all the financial advantages (travel deals, movie theatre deals, stock deals…) that come with being part of a big company.


Q4: What are you looking forward to – jobwise and personally – in the next few months?

I look forward to having big successes with new clients for RTL AdAlliance thanks to my motivation and network.

Personally, I will try to plan a long travel trip for 2024 as I did not have time this year. I am very passionate about discovering new countries and cultures.


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