6 months, 5 questions with Nimo

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Meet Nimo Hasan Sharif

When new colleagues join us, they bring a breath of fresh air. Their outside perspectives can provide refreshing innovative ideas to help us improve our existing procedures.

This month, meet Nimo Hasan Sharif, who has been working as Invoicing and Administrative Executive / Finance in our London office for more than six months now. Before joining our team, Nimo studied Biomedical Science at the University of Westminster and worked at Nuffield Health’s billing department.

How did you find out about the latest job opening? And what prompted you to apply?

I found my job through an agency and applied to the position as it aligned with my previous experiences and knowledge.

You work in finance in the London office. What do you like best about the job? What do you find challenging, or would you like to do less?

The London team has been very supportive, and always offers a helping hand. Sometimes, the updates to our systems can be a bit challenging.

If you could have any job outside RTL AdAlliance for just one day, which one would it be and why?

To work as a data analyst. I generally like to work with numbers (which helps if you work in finance like me 😉) and I could see myself analysing data to identify insights and solve problems for a company.

What’s something fun or interesting about yourself that your colleagues might not know?

I previously ran my own clothing business.  I designed dresses that I would then sell via Shopify. It was something I related to because I also make outfits for myself. I advertised my products through friends, family and social media.

What are you looking forward to – jobwise and personally – in the next few months to come?

To progress, learn, and obtain new experiences within my field.

Nimo, good to have you on board!

👋 We have amazing colleagues on board, don’t you think? Who should we interview next? Happy to hear from you via rtladalliance_internalcomms@rtl.com