Ads that had us fooled in the best way!

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Happy April Fools’ Day everyone!

April 1st is a day when we can have fun with one another. We get excited for the humorous creativity we get to experience and try to spot the April fool, the humorous headline, or the false ad. It’s a day where we value homorous creativity and a day that allows brands to be that much more personal.

Being part of the advertising world, we at RTL AdAlliance love to see advertising being that much more celebrated and being part of the pop culture that shapes discussions. And thus, we have collected some of our favourite April Fools’ Advertisements from the last years and hope you will enjoy them as much as we have!

Introducing the Form 2D

Formlabs is introducing its new printer. Known for their state-of-the-art 3D printing machines, Formlabs is proud to launch their new printer that will make life easier for many people. The innovation: remove the third dimension! And voilà, their disruptive thinking produces the 2D printer, and we are here for it!

Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur & Porsche Classic Present: Patina Paint To Sample

Personalisation and exclusivity are everything these days. A legacy brand such as Porsche is of course at the forefront when it comes to fulfilling their customers wishes. As a brand with such a rich history and a huge respect for old-timer cars, this innovation combines the tow. Together with Patina paint, Porsche supposedly launched a brand-new paint job, that is not only reminiscent of the olden days, but it will also make your new Porsche that much more unique.

Lawyer Fights Duolingo Owl for 2,700,000  

Have you ever felt bullied by a green owl to do study your language or else…? Else being abductions and threats of violence like French or the trench, Japanese or broken knees, Korean or never be seen, Finnish or be finished. You are not alone. Menchetti & Sons LLC. are here to fight the good fight for you and will help you sew the Duolingo Owl for $2,700,000. A real treat, especially if we remember how pushy the owl already was back in 2019!

ShoesX by Ixigo

Remember back in the early 00s when everything was way cooler with Bluetooth, even though we never used it? Well, ixigo has designed a shoe for 2022 reminds us of that sentiment. The shoe works with Kinetic energy that it gathers from walking. With this energy you can charge your phone, take photos (front and back!), and track your shoes to make sure no one will steal them. We are here for the sleek white design with the orange highlights. Stylish and techy!

New Product Drop from Sun-Maid! 

Imagine having to advertise raisins… and now think about how to re-invent advertising for raisins. We agree, not an easy job. However, Sun-Maid dropped a brand launch of a new raising based product. Get swept away in this adventurous world fed by raisins.


Here are a few honourable mentions from years past: