Stéphane and Oliver: A Back-to-School Conversation

Reading time : 2 minutes

Just returning from their time off during their summer, we managed to catch Stéphane & Oliver for a quick chat on what’s going on and an outlook for Q4. Here is what they had to say.

Stéphane and Oliver – there is no beating around the bush – it has been a tough year. What are your thoughts looking back and entering Q4?

: First of all, we are welcoming everyone back to work hoping you all had a good summer and the chance to recharge your batteries. Because yes, it’s no secret, the year has been challenging and we are determined to turn the tide in Q4, and make up for the losses, particularly from the first half of the year.

Oliver: Externally, joint projects start delivering turnover, revenues from our international programmatic platform VMP Connect [VMP = video market place] has seen remarkable 184% growth this year.

Stéphane: Absolutely! And we just got the confirmation for our first programmatic Addressable TV campaign for Emirates with The Trade Desk: €160k for Germany and France! Well done, everyone!

Oliver: Internally, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter with regards to the merger – as mentioned during the recent transformation office call, we are on track to legally become one entity by the end of this year.

Stéphane: We also had a first glimpse at the result of the employee survey results. Thanks for everyone especially for taking the extra time for detailed feedback. We understand the uncertainties and the added workload you’ve shouldered. Please know, we’re actively in discussions with HR to take concrete actions. As the saying goes: it will all be worth it in the end 😊.