Game on!

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As we step into 2024, we eagerly await some exciting sporting events, including The Olympics, the Men’s Euros and the return of NFL. The universal joy of uniting with friends and family to rally behind our beloved teams and sports icons is not one to miss. Explore our lineup of upcoming events in 2024 to ensure you catch every exhilarating moment that will light up your screens.


Let’s kick-start into our programme with some football, certainly an adrenaline pump for many around the world. This year we’re thrilled to unveil the 17th edition of the Men’s Euros, set to take place in Germany from June to July. The burning question remains: Will Italy strive to defend their coveted title, or will a new champion emerge to claim the gold medal? This globally cherished event promises riveting action, so don’t miss out. Tune in to catch the excitement as it unfolds on M6 in France, RTL in Germany, ITV in the UK, and Rai in Italy.

Also, get ready to witness the pride and prowess of the women of our world as they take centre stage in the UEFA Women’s Nations League. Proudly broadcasted by ITV and Rai, stay tuned for the exhilarating upcoming action.

American Football is also the talk of this year with the return of NFL, already commencing in 2023 and concluding on February 12, 2024, with the highly anticipated Super Bowl. The season is packed with thrilling matches, reaching audiences through various channels, including RTL in Germany, NBCUniversal in the US, and ITV in the UK. Additionally, M6 Group’s channels are set to feature extensive coverage, airing 18 regular season matches on Sundays through 6play, with weekly recaps and the documentary series Hard Knocks. W9 will also broadcast three playoff matches in January, while M6 will be the go-to channel for the grand spectacle of the Super Bowl.

Paris Olympics

Certainly, we cannot overlook the much-anticipated Paris Olympics 2024. Occurring once every four years, this grand event serves as a unifying force, bringing nations together to celebrate the sporting sensations of our time. The Olympics are set to unfold over the customary two-week period, featuring a program that spans both male and female events, encompassing 32 sports and a total of 329 events.

This global event will be broadcast worldwide, including on Rai in Italy and NBCUniversal in the US. Do not miss out on the triumphs and achievements that the Paris Olympics 2024 will undoubtedly deliver.


While the Rugby World Cup unfolded last year, rugby enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the Six Nations tournament this year offering another exciting chapter in the sport. France and Ireland will kick off this year’s championship on the 2nd February in Marseille. The tournament, set to be televised on ITV in the UK and NBC Sports in the US, promising excitement to fans around the world.

In addition to the Six Nations, ITV is also showcasing the Heineken Champions Cup, which kicked off in December 2023 and is scheduled to conclude in May 2024.

Other sports

An array of other sports and events will also come to your screens this year, including the Giro d’italia cycling race, broadcasted by RAI in Italy and the iconic Roland Garros tournament in France broadcast on NBCUniversal. Be sure not to miss the action!

As the calendar unfolds, each event promises to bring its own set of thrills and unforgettable highlights. So, turn on your TVs and get ready for this new sporting chapter, it is bound to leave a mark on sports history.