Leerdammer’s campaign with RTL AdAlliance

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Leerdammer, one of Europe’s most iconic cheese brands from the Netherlands, has recently been acquired by Lactalis, the largest dairy products group in the world. Leerdammer’s global reach continues to expand thanks to its successful sponsorship campaign, in collaboration with RTL AdAlliance, on RTL Germany channels. The success of this campaign can be proved with a campaign-supporting study, which demonstrates a substantial rise in brand awareness and purchase intent for Leerdammer products after the campaign.

Campaign Objective: International brand expansion

In a context of inflationary TV Advertising costs, Leerdammer wanted to shift from its mass reach and repetition TV strategy to a more efficient and contextually relevant approach, to reach consumers in a more targeted way. This was made possible through the exclusive partnership with RTL AdAlliance, who helped identify the relevant audience through their premium inventory. As a result, the decision was made to target exclusively cooking lifestyle shows on RTL Germany channels for Leerdammer to sponsor.

Leerdammer presented itself during ‘First Dates’, ‘Das perfekteDinner’, ‘Grill den Henssler’, ‘Punkt12’ and ‘Shopping Queen’ with a 7-second ad just before the start of the programme (opener), an ad after the commercial breaks (reminder), and an ad at the end of the respective programme (closer). Whereas the opener and closer advertised sliced cheese, the reminder was for grated cheese from Leerdammer.

“In 2022 we focused on a contextual approach to speak to consumers. We communicated on TV for 3 months non-stop by sponsoring exclusively the main cooking and lifestyle programs of RTL Germany.” Eva Augustin, Senior Brand Manager Leerdammer Germany

The primary objective of this campaign was to lift brand image and awareness, alongside encouraging increased purchase intent. To measure the outcome of this campaign and key ad impact dimensions, a campaign-supporting study was carried out with a target group of around 1000 women and men aged 20-59, representing the online population. The first measurement took place approx. 3 weeks after the start of the campaign in March, and the last measurement at the end of the campaign in June.

Overall, the sponsorship campaign boosted the brand image of Leerdammer across all rating dimensions, especial in the group “heavy viewers of the sponsored formats”. Furthermore, the more Leendammer-sponsored formats that people saw, the higher their approval ratings for Leerdammer products were in terms of recommending to others, interest in more information, and intention to buy. These effects are also apparent among those who had not previously bought Leendammer products.

“This strategy has been a success because we have managed to further gain brand awareness and brand image points despite already very high indicators.”

Key findings:

1. Positive response to creative diagnostic

The creative diagnostic received highly favourable feedback, achieving top marks for its likeability. An impressive 92% of respondents expressed their fondness for the ad, citing its clarity in brand communication as a major factor, with an additional 91% finding it clear and easy to comprehend. Interestingly, the sliced cheese ad outperformed the grated cheese version in terms of likeability, boasting a 93% favourability rating compared to 89%.

Notably, the sliced cheese ad also demonstrated superior memorability, as around one-third of light viewers and over half of heavy users were already familiar with this campaign design, a significant improvement over the results of the grated cheese ad. Furthermore, the ad acquired a significantly greater appreciation when featured alongside cooking shows compared to programs such as ‘Shopping Queen’ or ‘First Dates’.

2. Increased purchase intent

Buying Leerdammer products

Willingness to buy Leerdammer

Post-campaign, there has been a notable surge in purchase intent. An impressive 68% of heavy viewers have made the decision to purchase Leerdammer after being exposed to the advertisement, and a remarkable 87% have shown a strong willingness to buy. In the broader context, among those who have become buyers, there was a substantial 32% increase, while among those who were previously non-buyers, the increase was even more remarkable at 54%. 

3. Increased brand awareness and visibility

Brand awareness for Leerdammer

Despite the brand already having relatively strong brand awareness with 83% of non-viewers, 88% of light viewers, and 87% of heavy viewers having previously purchased Leerdammer products, there was a substantial 37% increase in terms of brand expertise across all brand image criteria. 

Furthermore, the campaign ignited fresh interest in the product, with 87% of both light and heavy viewers, and 79% of non-viewers expressing heightened curiosity. Notably, approximately 50% of all heavy viewers demonstrated strong recall of Leerdammer’s advertising, and the brand achieved nearly universal recognition, with 97% of respondents identifying it, spanning all sub-groups. 


This was the first time that Leerdammer took on such a TV investment, nevertheless the results of this sponsorship campaign were very successful, establishing strong brand awareness with nearly half of heavy viewers recalling Leerdammer advertising. 

This strategy has been a success because we have managed to further gain brand awareness and brand image points despite already very high indicators. Eva Augustin, Senior Brand Manager Leerdammer Germany 

Additionally, the TVCs of the sponsorship campaign score high likeability ratings. The fit with the brand is highest in formats relating to cooking, while other formats extended Leerdammer’s reach to new target demographics and piqued interest in the product. 

“RTL AdConnect supported us well in this challenge! Thanks to their deep knowledge of German TV & their close relationship with RTL Germany, they helped us secure the most relevant programme sponsorships.” Eva Augustin, Senior Brand Manager Leerdammer Germany 

Looking to the future, RTL AdAlliance is committed to extending its value-added services to selected clients, measuring and ensuring the success of their future campaigns.