Let’s commit to sustainability

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We need to become sustainable now, climate change is happening now, so we must act now. The effects of the climate crisis are palpable and need to be addressed. So we would like to draw your attention to some of the initiatives that our partners are taking. Primarily M6, using their platform in a commitment to raise awareness. Becoming the first audio-visual to offer a week’s entertainment dedicated to the environment: Greenweek. 

What is Greenweek?

From the 5th of February until the 12th M6 will be providing thought-provoking entertainment through magazines, series and films, news and shows committed to the environment. Starting at 8:30 pm on E=M6, Sunday special. This will be the 4th edition of Greenweek with the aim to mobilize the French by not only spreading awareness of this crisis but also offering insightful solutions to fight against it. 

M6 is not working solely from on screen but off the screen also. Initiatives have been put in place, for example, a strong partnership is formed with Ecoprod. committed to environmental practices in audiovisual production and its membership in the Tree Fund gives the means to actors in the field to put trees back at the centre of farms and rural landscapes.

RTL Group’s initiatives

M6 is not the only one to offer these initiatives. RTL is also making a change for a greener future. The 2022 Spendenmarathon (= german for donation marathon) charity was awarded a green motion label by the ‘Green Shooting’ group, reaching a total of 18 out of 21 mandatory standards. Some of these standards that were included in the production include green electricity, reusable dishes, vegetarian catering and no diesel generators all with the aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 

This is not the first production from the RTL Group to be awarded a green motion label , in October 2022, it was awarded to RTL Deutschland for their broadcast of Köln – Partizan Belgrade football game. Alongside RTL Deutschland, UFA Serial Drama, a Freemantle company, managed to comply with 20 out of the 21 standards  earning the show a green motion certificate when filming the new mockumentary Irgendwas mit Medien (Something with the media). Using green electricity, minimal reliance on generators powered by diesel, and the use of green transportation. 

Some suggested Greenweek features:


  • 2050 The World After– W9, Tuesday 7th February, 9:05pm
  • Exclusive Survey, Australia: climate hell soon – M6, Sunday 5th February, 11:10 p.m
  • David Beckham: An Amazon Adventure – 6play

In the media and advertising industry, we have the potential to play a huge role in changing consumer habits and opinions by spreading awareness. This green week can help us put a step forward on the sustainable path we need to be taking. M6, RTL and Freemantle have taken these initiatives to prove that the media and advertising industry can move towards a sustainable future.