Listen up, love birds!

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14th of Februaryanother Valentine’s Day!

What better occasion to show your affection to friends, family, and loved ones than by cozying up in front of the TV, indulging in the top TV & BVOD love, dating, and wedding shows in Europe?

Explore our list of programs and synopses guaranteed to evoke heart-fluttering emotions on this love-filled day!

Love Island

On this dating show, young and good-looking individuals live together in a dream villa embarking on a quest to discover true love. To remain on the island, they must form couples and capture the hearts of the audience. Tune in to watch this thrilling show on ITV (UK), RTL+ (Germany), W9 and 6play (France), and Videoland (Netherlands).

Farmer is looking for a wife

This reality dating program airs on multiple networks including M6 in France (“L’amour est dans le pre”), RTL in Germany (“Bauer sucht Frau”), VTN in Northern Belgium (“Boer zoekt vrouw”), and RTL Play in Southern Belgium (“L’amour est dans le pre”). It delves into the romantic journeys of farmers seeking love.

At the beginning of each season, photos of farmers are shared with the programme’s viewers who can then express their interest by sending a letter to the farmer they find appealing. The farmers review these letters, selecting participants they’d like to meet for a speed date. Following the speed dates, each farmer chooses two individuals to invite to their farm, hoping to find a love interest.

Married at first sight

Don’t miss out on “Married at First Sight,” where participants meet for the first time on their wedding day, exchanging vows in front of the mayor. Assured by three experts that they’re perfect matches based on compatibility tests; they embark on this uncertain journey. Catch this captivating program on M6 & 6play (“Mariés au premier regard”), RTL Play (“Mariés au premier regard”), VTM (“Blind Getroouwd”), RTL4 and Videoland.

B&B for Love

B&B of Love is a fresh, original search for love, starring real people who’ve ventured abroad to run a B&B. Now alone in a foreign country, they crave that special someone to share their adventure with. This will be available on M6 (“Coup de foudre au bout du monde”), VTM (“B&B zoekt een Lief”), RTL4 and Videoland (“B&B Vol Liefde”).

My Mum your Dad

For a family watch look at “My Mum your Dad, available on ITV1, ITVX, Vox and RTLx. This is a series following single parents looking for love a second time round. The show’s twist revolves around the fact that their adult children are secretly steering them through the world of modern dating.

Temptation island

Finally, if you want to spice up your Valentine’s day, watch Temptation island available on Videoland in Netherlands and W9 or 6play in France (“L’ile de la tentation”). Couples venture to a tropical island to undergo fidelity tests. Separated for several days, they mingle with single members of the opposite sex whose aim is to tempt them into affairs, putting their relationships to the ultimate test.

Happy Valentines to all from RTL AdAlliance!