Highlights from the OMR 2023

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Our colleagues just attended the annual Online Marketing Rockstars Festival (OMR) – a stimulating event for marketing and digital experts packed with keynotes, conferences, masterclasses, and additional activities.

The OMR  is the place to be for updates on the digital world, the latest marketing trends, or inspiring key notes. As before, the popular event attracted more than 70,000 attendees.

CTV, influencer, sustainability – some of our team’s highlights.

Christian Russ, Head of Sales at Samsung Ads, held a masterclass on CTV, describing the impressive rise of CTV and smart TV eco system in German households. The subsequent panel discussed the benefits of CTV, CTV as part of the mediamix, and he explained options like Automatic Content Recognition (ACR).

Pamela Reif shared her mind-blowing journey as a fitness influencer which started out on Instagram when she was just 16. Ten years later, she has not only gained millions of followers worldwide, but also launched a successful fitness and nutrition app, and co-founded an influencer agency.

Tim Brown, co-founder of the footwear company Allbirds, explained how marketers can use storytelling to actively raise awareness for sustainability. His vision to decrease Allbirds’ carbon footprint significantly and soon, was nothing but impressive.

The annual “State of the German Internet 2023”

An annual highlight from the OMR is the keynote by thefounder, Philip Westermeyer. Luckily for us, it is shared online, so you can watch it after the festival. To know more about the latest trends in the German digital market, these 45 minutes are a worthwhile watch: Here (in German).

Why attending the OMR?

Although it is rather crowded and loud, we love going to the OMR. Within 48 hours, you get a comprehensive update on the latest trends and strategies in online marketing. It inspires us to stay ahead of the game and to constantly think about new innovative solutions for our partners.

We meet up with our partners & publisher contacts like Samsung Ads or Framen, and various people of the core industries we work with. As RTL AdAlliance is quite new and unique to the international market, the OMR is a great place to showcase our brand, portfolio and services.

Tim Brown / Allbirds

Discussing CTV

Haruka Gruber (Senior Vice President Media, DAZN), Nicole Ferguson (Managing Director Growth, GroupM), Linette Zaulich (Director Unscripted, ZDF Studios GmbH), Can Zeybekler (MP OMG | MD MPX, Omnicon Media Group Germany GmbH), Christian Russ (Head of Sales, DACH, Samsung Ads)

Pamela Reif

Tim Brown / Allbirds

Aiza Baig, Katrin Adler, Saskia Van Gulick, Celia Schlink, Markus Scholz, Ana Ndouop, Jurre Stek, Steffi Treves