Meet RTL AdAlliance Persona: Luxe Maven

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Throughout the year, there is a consistent demand for luxury goods, with people seeking reasons to indulge in spending, whether it be for holidays, celebrations, or festive occasions. RTL AdAlliance created the smart Audiences persona, Luxe Maven, to help you address your ATV, CTV and online video campaigns to this specific demographic. The Luxe Maven is characterised by luxury and opulence in every facet of life. Aligning your brand with this persona proves highly advantageous all-year round.

Smart Audiences are based on TV, online, and offline data sources combined with contextual reference and are individually modelled, profiled, and segmented. This allows us to address the users with the right interests and behaviours at scale.  

In this article we will explore the “Luxe Maven” as a new persona within our smart Audiences.

Smart Audiences Persona: Luxe Maven 

The Luxe Maven persona is driven by different key factors. They have impeccable taste, as they are invested in the best products and experiences. Their high-quality wardrobe reflects that taste as they carefully select designer clothing and accessories. When going out, the Luxe Maven specifically likes fine dining and exclusive beverages, gourmet cuisine in upscale restaurants. They value rare wine, spirits, and champagne. Of course, their holidays are spent in the same spirit. Luxury first-class travel to luxury hotels, spas and resorts with the occasional boat trip are their preferred travel choices. They do not shy away from high-quality investments in jewellery, art pieces or (vintage) cars. 

When considering the different characteristics for this persona, we can identify that they can afford expensive things, often invest in luxury goods, and tend to pay more attention to the brand than the price.

For this persona, it was identified that they are interested in luxury, specifically home luxury, and jewellery. The Luxe Maven presents an excellent opportunity for our video campaigns to engage with a highly relevant audience. It holds significant appeal for advertisers throughout the year, providing a consistent platform to target individuals seeking to purchase luxury goods.

We have listed suitable application examples for our new persona, to make targeting much easier for advertisers: 


  • Travel Industry – especially high-class hotels, resorts and flights, private cruises 
  • High Class Food & Beverage 
  • Designer Brands / High Fashion 
  • High Quality Automotive Industry 
  • Jewelry 
  • Upscale leisure activities – e.g. Golf Parks, Tennis Clubs, Yacht & Sailing Clubs 
  • High price furniture 
  • In general: all luxury goods and upscale brands  
If you would like to know more about Luxe Maven or other persona’s don’t hesitate to reach out to RTL AdAlliance via: