Boxing for the greater good

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Yes, this is our colleague Romane Philippe (Brand Solutions Executive in London) who looks quite different during her day job!  

During the last 7 months, Romane has been skipping, slipping, stepping, sweating and punching like never before in her life.  

She was selected to participate in the annual « Media Fight Night » representing RTL AdAlliance in the boxing ring on Nov 2nd!  

We spoke to Romane what it takes to get in the ring and her biggest sacrifice. 

You are going to box in the Media Fight Night – how did this all come about?

“I’ve wanted to learn this sport for a long time, and a few months after arriving in London last year I said to myself, well, why not?

I started training last November and talked about it at work, as I was loving it. My colleague Simon Betts mentioned the Media Fight Night to me and after putting me in contact with John Maloney, the founder of the event, his words echoed in my head and voilà… the adventure began!”


What is the aim of the Media Fight Night?

“MFN is a media industry boxing event set up to raise money for local charities and to keep media professionals fit! Since it started in 2015, Media Fight Night has raised over £1m for various charities and beneficiaries – with the help of people working in media training for several months as boxers to fight for the good cause.”


Can you tell us more about the charity?

Carney’s Community is the main one this year focusing on programs that promote positive mental health, physical well-being, and personal development. All donations for the MFN will help young individuals to build resilience, confidence, and essential life skills – through sports, arts, and educational initiatives.

There are also other beneficiaries involved such as ‘Off the ropes’, ‘Head & Neck Cancer foundation’ and ‘Fitzroy Lodge’.”


Who is there training with you?

“There are men and women working in various fields of media, all ages and backgrounds (for example working for OMD, Warner Bros, Twitch or News UK). When we started, we were maybe sixty, but now we are down to 16 left fighting on Nov 2nd! John (the founder of MFN), Mark, Ash & Steven (our superb coaches) are challenging us at every session!”


Boxing can get quite tough. How have you been training? Any injuries? What was the hardest sacrifice?

“Most of us train 3 times a week, getting up at 6am to be at the gym by 7-7.30am! At the moment, I train 4 or 5 times a week now…

No significant injuries yet but a few hurtful knocks that led to a stop during training. But we come back with even more determination. The whole process is generally a positive one.

The hardest sacrifice? I refrain from all alcohol beverages for two months 😉.”


And what is happening during the actual fight night?

“The event is taking place at The Park Plaza Hotel Westminster – including a formal dinner for 1.000+ guests. The boxing ring will be situated in the centre of the dining room. There will be 8 fights, each with 3 rounds of two minutes, and an announcement of the winner right after every fight. You can all watch the event live on Twitch as well! After the fighting, we will all celebrate together!”


How can us colleagues support you on your journey?

“You can support me and help fight against inequalities in local communities, by making a small donation via this link (and mentioning my name in the comments).

My goal is to raise £2,5k and I’m counting on you to help me reach it and let RTL AdAlliance shine!”


Best of luck, Romane! We are keeping all fingers crossed for you!

👋 If you can, please support Romane and the good cause she is fighting for!