RTL Deutschland: Content Highlights and Innovations for 2023/24

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RTL Deutschland has just revealed its remarkable content highlights and marketing innovations during the Screenforce days.


RTL Deutschland is undergoing a significant transformation, transitioning from a content house, into an independent content, tech and data company, solidifying its position in the industry. Here are the key takeaways from RTL Deutschland’s presentation.

Exciting new content: Get ready for a sensational line-up in 2023/2024! 

RTL Deutschland is introducing the NFL to its programming, along with an exhilarating international reality game called “Die Verräter” (The Traitors). As well as reviving beloved German classics like “Blamieren oder Kassieren” (“Embarrass yourself or cash-in”).

Two become one: RTL+ to merge with RTL Music App

Multi-Purpose-App: The popular RTL+ app has an impressive monthly unique user base of more than 5 million. This summer, RTL will introduce its multi-purpose app, individual to the German market: merging TV, streaming, music, podcasts, e-books and news content.  

Integration of Cross-Media, Data, and Tech.

RTL Deutschland understands the power of cross-media campaigns, data-driven insights, and technological advancements. Advertisers can seamlessly plan and book cross-media campaigns, receiving detailed reports showcasing the impact of their advertisements.

After successfully connecting addressable TV and digital platforms, RTL Deutschland is taking the next step by further integrating linear TV and creatingeven more possibilities for our advertising partners.

What are the Screenforce Days?

It’s the annual German event for total video. Highlights from the three days include the magnificently produced screenings and insights of the broadcasters’ content strategies.