Standout Superbowl Ad’s

Reading time : 3 minutes

The Superbowl 2023 had one of the biggest audiences of all time, with around 113 million people tuning in to watch the Kansas Chief’s victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. However, some might say, the real show was Rihanna’s half-time performance, not only delighting fans after years off the stage but also announcing her pregnancy with her second child!

 The Superbowl isn’t just a sports event, but also a big event for the advertising world, with most advertisers spending around $7 million for each 30 seconds on our screens. That’s why we wanted to show you some of our favourites:

General Motors x Netflix: Featuring Will Ferrell

Another collaboration with Netflix has been born. With a deal publicly acknowledged at the Superbowl, Will Ferrell reveals that GM EVs will be seen more often on our screens. As he travels the Netflix multiverse, featuring Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, Squid Games and more, GM EVs are featured in each of these short clips, foreshadowing their appearance in future Netflix productions.  

Hellman’s: John Hamm & Brie Larson (ft. Pete Davidson)

What best tops a Hamm and Brie sandwich? Hellman’s mayonnaise. A funny play on words which is simple and effective. Mayonnaise is a great addition to a sandwich whilst Pete Davidson is a great addition to a comedic ad. The perfect pairing!

Rakuten: Alicia Silverstone’s reprise of Cher, Clueless

Rakuten takes us on a quick trip back to the 2000s in Alicia Silverstone’s comeback as Cher. Re-creating her iconic yellow plaid outfit whilst advertising Rakuten’s cash back app. As Clueless’s ditzy Cher loves her shopping it was the perfect way to bring her back to life whilst advertising how you can use Rakuten to make your shopping more cost-effective. 


One of the most creative ads to advertise the portfolio of entertainment available at Paramount +. The new streaming platform shows the three faces of their iconic mountain logo, one of which is the “Sylvester Stallone face”. Advertising his series Tulsa King whilst also promoting his upcoming reality show with his three daughters.

Heinekein 0.0 x Antman  

With the release of Antman to cinemas across the globe, Heineken promotes their alcohol-free beer so that Antman and the ants can act responsibly in the lab. Just in case Ant-man happens to leave the fridge door open, and the ants get in and steal the beer, it means that no irresponsible drinking can take place. No shrinking and drinking. 

The Farmer’s Dog

A heart-warming ad, going in a different direction from the usual Superbowl, humorous ads. Not only is this ad promoting their dog food products but also spreading the message of the importance of friendship and cherishing the time we have with one another.