The best things to come to your TV this spring

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Spring is just around the corner! We don’t want you to be missing out on the upcoming highlights of March and April as there are so many new and exciting series and films coming to our partner’s screens in these months. There are all types of entertainment to be looking forward to from drama to thriller, our partners have got your back! 

The Dry  

Coming to your screens, ITVX will be streaming The Dry from March 23rd. The Dry is a drama/comedy set in Dublin focusing on a recovering alcoholic, Shiv Sheridan. Like any good comedy, we start off at a wake. After returning from partying in London for 8 years Shiv returns to Dublin to be with family. However, staying ‘dry’ is much harder than anticipated. 

 Picture taken from Belfast Live 

Maries au premier regard  

This Monday, 20th March, the new season of “Maries au premier regard” (married at first sight) is coming to the French channel M6. The Danish original show Gift Ved Første Blik set off a phenomenon all around the world with 29 countries no producing their own versions with France being one of them. Don’t miss all the fun and drama over on M6 this Monday.     

Barbara Rey  

Barbara Rey, the portrait of a survivor, will be premiering soon on the Spanish channel Antena 3. A docuseries on the life of model, singer, actress and arguably one of the most well-known women in Spain in the 80’s, laying bare her life before the camera, unfiltered. The documentary is an invitation to explore the life of Barbara Rey in four chapters. Stay tuned.

Miss Merkel – Ein Uckermark-Krimi 

Miss Merkel is coming out of retirement! On the 21st of March, 8:15 PM we will be watching Miss Merkel solving cases and catching criminals on RTL in Germany. Adapted from the Miss Merkel book series by author David Safier creating a character out of the real-life ex-chancellor Angela Merkel and Agatha Christie’s character Miss Marple. Were excited to see Katharina Thalbach bring Miss Merkel to life.

The Real Crown  

On the 20th of April, we will be diving into the world’s most famous family. “The Real Crown” is an ITV exclusive told through the perspective of the major personal challenges that the Queen faced and therefore the monarchy throughout her reign. We will be given archived interviews with key figures in the British royal family, including those who have never spoken on camera before. We have seen the events before from a public’s perspective, but we will now be seeing it from The Queen’s.

Rocco Schiavone 

Exciting things also coming to RAI, our partners in Italy, as the highly anticipated 5th season of Rocco Schiavone will be streaming on the 29th March on RAI 2. Adapted from the novels by Antonio Manzini, we follow the Italian police officer, a recent widower who had to transfer from Rome to a little town in the Italian countryside.  Although one wouldn’t expect much crime in the alpine areas, we soon find out that the mountains hold more secrets than previously thought. This fast-paced drama has continuous mystery and intrigue to keep audiences on their feet.

These are just a few of the series and films offered by our partners over the spring, head over to each of their channels for more entertainment.