The Two of Us – Jacqui and Emma

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Meet Jacqui Wood & Emma van der Veen 

As many of you know, the London office was one of the first offices to implement the new set-up. So, this months’ colleagues Jacqui Wood (Sales and Partnership Lead, formerly RTL AdConnect) and Emma van der Veen (Head of Digital, formerly iMS) have been working together in tandem for over a year already. 

Both have been working in Sales for over 15 years. Emma has an extensive media background, having worked in national media, initially across print, and then digital and agency trading. Jacqui has a long-standing career in TV, nowadays with broad expertise in digital video, data, and CTV. 

How do you explain your job to your family?  

Jacqui: I sell media advertising to clients and agencies who have brands which want to be present in Europe. 

Emma: I tell them I sell international advertising to UK agencies, they’re all very commercial so the next question is always if I get my bonus every year. 

When did you start working for your entity and what attracted you to the position in the first place? 

Emma: I joined G+J in 2019. Until then I’d only worked in National UK advertising and didn’t know anything about international, but the recruiter (who I’d previously used to hire team members) was certain I’d love G+J if I went to see them, and she was right! 

 Jacqui: I joined RTL in 2019. I had worked in international sales previously for an OTA [Online Travel Agency], but my predominant experience has been UK sales focused. I gained my foundation in media with TV at Sky Media (7 years) before moving into the digital arena. This job attracted me as I could marry my skills and knowledge in both TV linear and digital by working in the TTV team in London.  

What was your first impression when you first met? 

Emma: Everyone loves Jacqui when they meet her, she radiates warmth and is always up for a chat. 

Jacqui: Emma has been affable and welcoming from day one. She is also a fountain of knowledge!  

Emma / Jacqui tell us a bit more. What are you / have you been working on together? What has worked well, what is challenging?  

At the moment we’ve been teaming up on Expedia; Jacqui has a close relationship with the client here in London and Emma has been helping introduce the client to additional media channels and partners from legacy iMS brands. 

If you had one work-related wish granted, what would it be?  

Simpler systems so we can spend less time on admin and more time in market. 

Your favorite RTL brand?  

Emma: Hauser; years ago, I used to work on the biggest portfolio of interiors magazines in the UK, and I’m obsessed with architecture and home design. 

Jacqui: VOX (from the AdA portfolio). I am definitely their target audience.  

And what are you recommending to watch or listen to at the moment?  

Emma: I’m a bit obsessed with the BCC Food Programme , I like cooking and the science behind food 

Jacqui: I love Yellowstone on Paramount It’s a gritty neo-Western drama about a family fighting to retain their land which borders an Indian Reservation. You can’t beat Kevin Costner as a cowboy!  I’m waiting in anticipation for the final season.  

As we all work internationally – what’s the most interesting place you’ve ever visited, and why was it so memorable? 

Emma: Turin is where my mother’s family live – my favorite spot there is the Mole Antonelliana. My mother told me a story once about the architect who designed it being mad and all the concrete supports inside the building are to stop it falling down. I don’t want to check if it’s true as it’ll destroy the illusion. 

Jacqui: My favorite country by far is Italy and I have been fortunate enough to visit many of the regions from the lakes in the north to Puglia in the south. Italy has everything for me, steeped in history, beautiful landscapes and fabulous food, wine, and fashion.  

When offline and outside of your home, where would we most likely find you? Doing what?  

Emma: Probably down at my allotment planting my vegetable garden (or more likely trying to control all the weeds that invaded my vegetable garden…) 

Jacqui: I love listening to live music, whether that be watching favorite bands or discovering new talent. This summer I saw Bruce Springsteen in Hyde Park. The Boss was just brilliant!  


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