The Two of Us – October 2023

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This month, meet Barbara and Ben

With “The Two of Us”, we interview “new” colleagues – colleagues from formerly different entities, now working together in their respective fields.

This month, meet Barbara Capel-Cure (International Key Account Manager, based in Hamburg, formerly G+J i|MS) and Ben Gosebruch (Senior International Sales Business Development Manager, based in Munich, formerly RTL AdConnect).

Both have been working in Sales for over 2 decades. Barbara has an extensive media background, having worked in several leadership positions within the industry (for example at Axel Springer). Ben has a long-standing career in TV, nowadays with broad expertise in digital video, data, and CTV.

While working in tandem, Barbara and Ben benefit from each other’s knowledge, connect premium brands and audience(s), and promote the RTL AdAlliance powerhouse in joint meetings. Recently they met at the Oktoberfest partner event in Munich.

How do you explain your job to your family?

Barbara: This is very difficult as they won’t understand, but I do say: I am working for RTL on an international basis.

Ben: I help advertising brands and media agencies addressing their target audience in a very fragmented landscape. Sometimes it’s like eBay – one has an offer that the other one needs, and pricing is negotiated on a platform in between, which connects both parties…


When did you start working for your entity and what attracted you to the position in the first place?

Barbara: I started at G+J i|MS end of 2019, a couple of months before lockdown. What attracted me the most, was the opportunity to work closely with leading news brands and media companies in Europe.

Ben: I joined the RTL Group in January 2017 and during my time with smartclip, I got to know RAC from a different perspective which led to the decision to switch internally in summer 2022.


Your impression when you first met?

Ben: When I first met Barbara, I thought “A Bavarian girl living in Hamburg, who fell in love with an English man? Please tell me more!”

Barbara: Two Bavarians in a tandem – we are a perfect match!


What are you / have you been working on together? What has worked well, what is challenging?

Barbara: Since end of last year, we have been working in tandem. I am very lucky to work alongside such a TV expert.

Ben: Barbara, Celia, Georgina, and I work closely together within the new German BU. We all come from various backgrounds and complement each other perfectly. Our clients are our number one priority, and it is important for us to make sure RTL AdAlliance is recognized as a modern, competent, and trusted partner.


If you had one work-related wish granted, what would it be?

Barbara and Ben: 1% of Google’s revenue which currently equals around 2,75 billion USD. It would certainly bring an added smile during our team calls!


Your favourite RTL brand?

Barbara: The show “Die Verräter / The Traitor” is on my current bucket list, as I heard so much about it.

Ben: My wife is a huge GZSZ fan, so got to say RTL+ as she loves to be 10 days ahead of linear TV.


And what are you recommending watching or listening to at the moment?

Barbara: I am listening to the podcast “Boys Club – Power & Abuse at Axel Springer”  (As I used to work for Axel Springer in leadership roles for more than a decade, I had heard some rumors before, but this?!)

Ben: “The Night Agent” and “Five Star Chef” on Netflix. If you like music, I recommend “The Metallica Podcast” on Spotify.


As we all work internationally – what’s the most interesting place you’ve ever visited, and why was it so memorable?

Barbara: As we are a British-German family, the holidays and time we spend in England are certainly the most memorable and precious moments for our family– even though British summer is not summer!

Ben: Lisbon is a very interesting old city – combining history & modern life. Greece however was memorable, as our little one learned to walk on the beach on Kos Island.


When offline and outside of your home, where would we most likely find you? Doing what?

Barbara: You will find me next to the hockey field watching and supporting my kids.

Ben: Sounds familiar… You will find me spending quality time with my wife and 5-year-old daughter visiting friends and family in the Munich metropolitan area and digital detoxing in the Alps.


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