The Two of Us

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This month, meet Frank & Ulrike

When companies merge, collaboration requires transparent interaction and team spirit to be successful. With “The Two of Us”, we introduce “new” colleagues from formerly different entities, now working together in their respective field. 

This month, meet Frank Erdmann (based in Gütersloh, formerly smartclip) and Ulrike Nieber (based in Hamburg, formerly G+J i|MS). Ulrike (now: Director IT & Media Projects and Processes Management) works closely with and for Frank (now: Senior Director Platform Solutions).

Q1: How do you explain your job to your family?   

Frank: We help to monetize content distributed via tv, the open internet or even print. By doing so, content creators can act independently and in a highly democratic way. Ulrike and I assist our colleagues in building and connecting RTL AdAlliance’s system landscape, to enable efficient media sales and operations. 

Ulrike:   I coordinate projects that help get advertising into magazines and onto websites and interact with many departments from IT to Finance and Legal to Sale

Q2: When did you start working for your entity and what attracted you to the position in the first place?   

Frank: I started working for smartclip back in 2010. The level of innovation and out of the box thinking has motivated me since. In addition, I strongly believe to work with many of the most skilled people in the market. 

Ulrike: I started at G+J International Media Sales in March 2008 as a sales manager. I was fascinated by the Gruner und Jahr brands, the open-hearted team and the international environment. 

Q3: What was your first impression when you first met?   

Frank: Ulrike is very skilled and experienced. I was really impressed by her hands-on mentality. Although she has been in the company for a very long time, she is very open to new ideas, challenges and opportunities. 

Ulrike: We first met in person at the beginning of 2022 to kick off the first cross-company IT & System workstream. I was struck by Frank’s open, personal, and non-political manner paired with super well-founded Ad Tech knowledge (had to google many abbreviations after our first meeting 😉). 

Q4: Tell us a bit more. What are you / have you been working on together? What has worked well, what is challenging?    

Frank: We are collaborating every day to establish and ensure system operation across all different media. Not only Ulrike and I, but also Sebastien Bisch and Marta Lopez have become close colleagues on this matter. Our main challenges are unknown information and limited budgets – therefore transparency and communication are key for the success for our company. 

Ulrike: Together with Sebastién, Marta and Ines, we juggle several topics that affect the new company’s system landscape. At the moment, the most important projects are the systemic and operational migration of the IMS portfolio into systems from RAC and smartclip, as well as the co-seller switch in cooperation with Ad Alliance Germany 

Q5: If you had one work-related wish granted, what would it be?  

Frank and Ulrike: For RTL AdAlliance to thrive, we would like the overall economy to grow again.

Q6: Your favorite RTL brand? 

Frank: N-TV. I like the way how news is being selected and presented. 

Ulrike: In general, I recommend RTL+. A great APP with access to various channels and brands.  

Q7: And what are you recommending watching or listening to at the moment  

Frank: I am already looking forward to the next season of “Let’s Dance”. Also, in my private time I like Latin dancing – especially the Salsa.  

Ulrike: As an old Carrie Bradshaw fan, I have been following “And just like that” on RTL+. Season 2 has been running since June, unfortunately on Sky… 

Q8: As we all work internationally what’s the most interesting place you’ve ever visited, and why was it so memorable?  

Frank: To only list one location would seem unfair. I have actually been to amazing places because of work – during business trips and especially for events. A big “THANK YOU” to our colleagues organizing those experiences!  

Ulrike: My favorite place in Europe is Barcelona: City, beach, bars, shops, culture… What about opening an RTL Ad Alliance office there? 

Q9: When offline and outside of your home, where would we most likely find you? Doing what?  

Frank: Unfortunately sitting or even standing in front of your PC is not the healthiest thing in the world. That’s why in my free time, you will find me in the gym or if the weather permits inline skating. 

Ulrike: Taking my 3 kids to field hockey training, walking/running with our dog in the forest, or doing Yoga. 

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