December 01st, 2023
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Marie Jo’s campaign with RTL AdAlliance

Marie Jo is an established Belgian brand specialized in fashionable and contemporary lingerie for women. Its impressive global network continues to expand, particularly in countries such as Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands driven by international media campaigns in collaboration with RTL AdAlliance, with whom they recently launched a TV campaign in Germany.

Campaign Objective: International brand expansion

The primary objective of this campaign was to lift brand visibility internationally through a 15 second Television advertising spot in Germany. To measure the outcome of the campaign, RTL AdAlliance conducted a study that involved 500 women between the ages of 20-59 and measured how effectively the TV creative resonated with the consumers. It was the first time that Marie Jo used TV campaigns in Germany, alongside other previous digital and press investments, and the results of the collaboration were greatly successful.

Thanks to the availability of RTL AdAlliance’s Insights on media investments of other lingerie brands, Marie Jo had an internal tool for analysing its market competitors. Seeing that other competitors were investing in TV in Germany inspired Marie Jo’s decision to do the same.

“The reason why we wanted to start TV campaigning was because, thanks to RTL AdAlliance, we had a lot of information on what the competition was doing… it was the good moment to test TVC in Germany.”

Elisabeth Devue
The Senior Brand Manager PrimaDonna at Van de Velde

Overall, the campaign expanded Marie Jo’s image with the aid of RTL AdAlliance’s additional brand lift studies that provided a successful tool to get learnings on their ‘My invisible Force’ TV creative itself.

“I have to say that it’s very useful that we have the brand lift study because it’s a good tool to measure the efficiency of the TV campaign. We used them to measure increased brand awareness, enhanced consumer attention and the growing intent to purchase.”

Elisabeth Devue
The Senior Brand Manager PrimaDonna at Van de Velde

Key findings:

Positive response to creative diagnostic

The creative diagnostic received favourable feedback, with more half of the consumers agreeing it was a pleasant and clear advertisement. Around 3/4 stated that it aligned with the brands’ image, enhancing memorisation of the brand, and ultimately contributing to a boost in purchase intent.

Increased purchase intent

Following the campaign, almost half of viewers expressed a desire to find out more about the brand or make a purchase. Notably, a considerable number of consumers reported that the campaign definitively increased their intent to purchase, marking the highest percentage for purchase intent among all Marie Jo’s competitors.

Increased brand awareness and visibility

Despite being a less well-known brand when compared to its competitors, the campaign succeeded in achieving a significant increase in consumer brand awareness and visibility. Some consumers were able to recall the TV advertisement, and this number notably increased within the 24-34 age group, effectively capturing the attention of millennials as part of Marie Jo’s target audience. This increased memorisation further generated positive increase in brand awareness for 1/3 of consumers.