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Legal mentions

Welcome to the web site of RTL AdAlliance, Europe’s Leading Total Media Sales Company comprising RTL AdAlliance S.A. and its affiliated entities which are authorized to use the commercial name RTL AdAlliance (“RTL AdAlliance”). All references on this website (“Website”) to RTL AdAlliance should be read as referring to RTL AdAlliance S.A. and/or its affiliated entities. The use of these terms is for convenience only and does not imply that all or any of such entities are in partnership together or accept responsibility for the acts or omissions of each other.

RTL AdAlliance S.A. is a limited liability company, with share capital of 5 000 000€, registered in Luxembourg under number B114002. Its registered office and principal place of business is at 43 Boulevard Pierre Frieden, 1543 Luxembourg. Phone: (+352) 24 86 1.

The Website is operated by RTL AdAlliance S.A. The publication director and the person responsible for editing the Website is Mr. Stéphane Coruble in his capacity of General Manager of RTL AdAlliance S.A. 

The Website is accessible at the URL and is hosted by VIXNS SARL, a limited liability company, registered in France under number 499 857 571. Its registered office and principal place of business is at 25 rue du Château Landon, 75010 Paris.

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By using the Website, you consent to these terms of use, which incorporate the privacy and cookies policy that appears on this Website (together the “Terms and Conditions”). We reserve the right to modify the Terms and Conditions at any time. Any change to the Terms and Conditions shall take effect upon posting to this Website.

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RTL and RTL AdAlliance are registered trademarks of the RTL Group. RTL AdAlliance has a license to reproduce other trademarks present on this Website.

The content of the Website, the general structure and look and feel, the content comprising texts (including downloadable documents), images (animated or not), audiovisual works, icons, graphic elements, sound files, video sequences, applications and distinctive signs, of which the Website is composed (all together the “Content”) are the exclusive property of RTL AdAlliance or RTL AdAlliance has the right to reproduce and represent it on the Website. Any total or partial representation of this Website and its Content by any means whatsoever, particularly for a commercial purpose or for a fee, is prohibited without the express prior authorization of RTL AdAlliance. 

The Website is protected as an intellectual property work. Any representation, adaptation, translation, distribution, use or reproduction, in whole or in part, of the Website and its Content without the express authorization in writing by RTL AdAlliance is strictly prohibited and may give rise to legal proceedings. In case of agreement of RTL AdAlliance to reproduce parts of the Content, the extracted Content shall remain in complete and unmodified form, and you shall cite the Website as the original source of the Content.  Please send your requests using the contact form on the Website or addressing a mail to address a mail to

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Specific content from other entities may be displayed on the Website or links content from other entities may be placed on the Website. RTL AdAlliance does not have any responsibility in respect of it, being such other entity responsible for their content.

For your convenience, we may provide you links to other websites as you browse through this Website. You may access to those sites in which case you will be bound by the terms and conditions posted on those websites. We do not approve of any information, endorse, or otherwise recommend the products or services referred to on such linked sites and we assume no responsibility for the contents of any other website to which this Website offers links.

Third-party’s content regarding Print Offer

For print offers the terms and conditions of the corresponding Media Brands shall apply. You may consult each publisher terms and conditions in the following link.  When acquiring print offers, you are required to refer regularly to the latest version of the corresponding publisher term and conditions accessible in the mentioned link.

Content and updating

The Content of the Website is for general information purposes only. We make every effort to ensure that the Content is updated, accurate and correct but we can’t warrant that the Website is free from inaccuracies, obsolete information, or omissions. For limited periods, the Website may also be temporarily inaccessible for maintenance or updating operations.


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Personal data

All information related to personal information we collect on the Website will be addressed at our Privacy and Cookies Policies.