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June 03rd, 2024
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Smart Audience Affinity: Culinary Epicure

Foodies and food lovers demonstrate a strong willingness to invest in their culinary experiences. They prioritize high-quality ingredients, appreciate artisanal beverages like craft beers and specialty coffees and innovative kitchen tools. 

However, they also enjoy the occasional snack like nice nuts, cookies, or a bag of potato chips and are curious to try out new products. 

When it comes to dining out, food enthusiasts are not hesitant to spend their money at restaurants, bakeries, and cafes that provide unique and memorable culinary experiences.  

To help advertisers target this specific audience, RTL AdAlliance now offers the Smart Audience “Culinary Epicure”.  

Smart Audience Affinity: Culinary Epicure

For the Culinary Epicure, cooking and baking are sources of joy and creativity. It is someone always on the lookout for authentic recipes and ingredients from around the world, appreciating the diverse culinary traditions.  

To the Culinary Epicure, the quality of food and the tools they use in the kitchen are paramount. It is all about high-quality ingredients, organic produce, and artisanal products to enhance the culinary creations. Additionally, the Culinary Epicure is enthusiastic about discovering the latest kitchen gadgets to elevate the cooking experience. 

In the time between meals, the Culinary Epicure indulges in exploring a variety of snacks, whether they are new or familiar, savory or sweet.

While the Culinary Epicures enjoys cooking at home, they also appreciate the experience of dining out, including their fondness for attending street food festivals. Culinary Epicures relish in the artistry and expertise of talented chefs and engaging in the social aspect of sharing a meal with friends and loved ones. 

Have a look at the following list of application examples for this new persona:   

  • Retailers: Stores specializing in high-quality ingredients, spices, and specialty food items can capture the attention of the Culinary Epicure. 
  • Food and Beverage Products: Brands offering gourmet ingredients, artisanal beverages, and premium cooking essentials have a perfect match in the Culinary Epicure. 
  • Kitchen Supplies: Cutting-edge kitchen gadgets, innovative cookware, and useful utensils will catch the eye of the Culinary Epicure, who appreciates the craftsmanship and functionality of kitchen equipment. 
  • Food and Beverage Chains: Restaurants, bakeries, and cafes providing unique culinary experiences and embracing international flavours will pique the interest of the Culinary Epicure. 
  • Snack manufactures: Companies producing snacks the Culinary Epicure enjoys between meals. This includes anything from dried fruits, nuts, granola bars to cookies, chocolate bars or savoury snacks like chips or pretzels. 

Based on a broad high quality data set-up, RTL AdAlliance offers further Smart Audiences to help advertisers target their ATV, CTV, and online video campaigns to these specific audiences. If you would like to know more about the Culinary Epicure or other personas don’t hesitate to reach out via: hello@rtl_adalliance.com.