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March 13th, 2024
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Smart Audience Affinity: Pet Fanatic

The percentage of pet owners worldwide continues to increase year by year with a striking 91 million households in Europe owning at least one pet in 2022. These pets are increasingly considered not just as animals, but as deeply rooted in the family tree, their companionship providing much joy and fulfilment around the world. As a result, families prioritise the best treatment of their pet, in terms of the food and quality of products for example, as an essential part of their daily routines. 

This trend marks a consistent and ongoing demand for large spending in the pet industry.  

RTL AdAlliance created Smart Audience affinity, Pet Fanatic, to aid clients target their ATV, CTV, and online video campaigns to these specific audiences, based on a broad high quality data set-up. Aligning your brand with  this new affinity will prove highly advantageous in reaching to your audience. 

Smart Audience Affinity: Pet Fanatic

The Pet Fanatic affinity is an individual characterised by many key factors. Primarily, it is someone who has a deep affection and emotional connection with animals. They spend their free time with their pets, for example in long dog walks and cuddling sessions or going horseback riding. 

Furthermore, a pet fanatic goes above and beyond to ensure their furry companions live their best lives, be it in terms of food, gear or getting the best groomer. They meticulously research the latest trends in pet care, from dietary supplements to specialised training techniques, and implement them into their routine. Weekends are often filled with visits to pet-friendly events, where they enthusiastically showcase their pets' talents and advocate for animal welfare. 

Have a look at the following list of application examples for this new persona: 

  • Retailers specialising in pet supplies or food. 
  • Online Shops offering food or gear for pets. 
  • Services related to animals, such as groomers, apps, trackers, etc. 
  • Cleaning supplies for households with pets, such as vacuums with specific features for removing animal hair. 
  • Outdoor clothing suitable for dog owners or horse owners who spend significant time outside, even in adverse weather conditions. 

If you would like to know more about the Pet Fanatic or other personas don’t hesitate to reach out to RTL AdAlliance via: