January 24th, 2024
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Wrapping up 2023 and looking into next year: an eventful week for RTL AdAlliance!

What an eventful end to 2023 for RTL AdAlliance! We not only hosted our own event but also actively engaged in three major global events, immersing ourselves in the ever-evolving landscape of the media industry with a particular focus on ATV, CTV, and Digital TV. 

IAB Europe, EACA, WFA, CIMM & egta International Knowledge Exchange on Audience Measurement

To commence the week, Nicole Haman represented RTL AdAlliance at The International Knowledge Exchange organised by IAB Europe. This event provides an opportunity for the international media and advertising industries to share insights about the latest measurement innovations, initiatives and solutions in the US and European markets during twice-yearly programmed events.  

Nicole took part by illuminating the nuances between programmatic TV and programmatic video trading models. She delved into the strategies advertisers and publishers can employ to navigate both, fostering a more cohesive and efficient programmatic advertising approach for a seamless buying experience.

London Future TV Leadership Summit

RTL AdAlliance’s CEO, Stéphane Coruble, also participated in a panel of senior TV executives at the London Future TV Leadership Summit. The discussion revolved around the reinvention of the TV business model in the era of data, streaming, and programmatic advertising. With a growing demand for digital media, the conversation explored how TV businesses can thrive amid such competition. Stéphane and his panel shared profound insights, emphasising the importance of collaboration and partnerships on the international level between broadcasters, streaming platforms and adtech  platforms.

The Future of TV Advertising Global

Later in the week global broadcast and advertising experts came together in London for The Future of TV Advertising Global event. This annual event brings together leaders in the TV advertising industry to share their latest thinking and best practices, exploring the next decade of TV. 

Stéphane Coruble and Sebastian Busse, Director Broadcaster & OEM Development of RTL AdAlliance engaged in profound discussions about the enduring significance of TV in the media industry. Stéphane explored “What’s in store for the future of TV advertising,”. He also made a point on cross-media measurement, claiming the need for fair and transparent metrics for all measured media. Meanwhile, Sebastian discussed the strategy of claiming the big screen amidst media fragmentation alongside experts from Youtube, the WFA, NBCU and Unilever. 

During the event, many interesting claims were made by a range of experts, such as Richard Brooke, Global Media Operations Director at Unilever, who claimed, “TV remains, people are still watching quality content and we have to take that into consideration; TV has done great investments in content. There is a future on TV.”

TV Key Facts

A highlight of the week was our eagerly anticipated TV Key Facts event on Thursday. This year marked the special 30th edition, offering a retrospective look on the significant transformations within Total Video over the past three decades. It was a momentous occasion reflecting our commitment to staying at the forefront of the ever-changing media landscape. The collaboration and effort invested in making this event a success was truly commendable. Internal and external speakers shared premium, exclusive insights, examining the European Total Video landscape, media trends, and the impact of the advertising ecosystem on our industry. Special thanks to our external guests—Joseph Hallmann from Auto1 Group, Cyril Joseph from Médiamétrie, and Nadja Kriewald, a reporter and host for NTV —for providing diverse perspectives on the Total Video industry based on their individual roles in the field. 

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