September 13th, 2023
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Yelloh! Village’s Unforgettable Campaign with RTL AdAlliance

Yelloh! Village is a French brand specializing in camping accommodation, with an impressive network of 91 franchised camping villages across France, Spain, and Portugal, all under the umbrella of Europe Plein Air.

Campaign Objective: Elevating Brand Awareness

The primary objective of the here presented campaign was to boost brand awareness within the United Kingdom and Germany. To measure and evaluate the effectiveness, a brand lift study was conducted, analysing brand visibility and measuring the creative’s resonance among audiences in the target markets. Yelloh! Village launched a digital campaign in the UK (Broadcast VOD), in Germany (Broadcast VOD and Addressable TV) as well as a linear TV campaign in the Netherlands from May to June 2023 with a 30s creative.

“With the launch of our new “Artisans du bonheur” advertising campaign linked to a European media plan, we needed to work with a high-performance partner in all countries we were targeting. RTL AdAlliance was the perfect choice to meet our requirements and understand our specific needs. As a result, the brand awareness of Yelloh! Village has increased significantly in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. The very detailed results of the campaign’s performance, as well as the impact of advertising on brand perception, provided us with lessons for improvement in future campaigns“.

Etienne Page
Director Yelloh! Village

The collaboration between Yelloh! Village, the agency Dentsu and RTL AdAlliance has been a successful one for many years. For this specific campaign, Yelloh! Village ventured abroad and aimed at a more international brand lift. The primary objective was to boost brand awareness within the United Kingdom and Germany. RTL AdAlliance was the partner of choice to not only branch out to more international markets as this is our forté, but due the significant value added by exploring the positive impact of the campaign via a brand lift study. The Yelloh! Village Campaign was put exclusively on our Broadcast VOD platforms (RTL+ in Germany and ITVx in the UK). The additional study involved 500 men and women from each country, with a specific focus on families with kids under 18, as this was the target audience. It furthermore measured the attention gained by the campaign thanks to memorisation and attribution to the brand. A creative diagnosis of the film in both countries was established, and the brand awareness of Yelloh! Village compared to its competitors in both countries was analysed.

Key Findings

Creative Diagnostic

There was a great response to the campaign music and scenery, sparking engagement in both countries. The ad was favoured primarily by families with almost 80% of UK families enjoying the ad and finding it eye-catching and conveying a real family holiday. The ad also captivated the younger audience of people aged 25-34. They described the ad as “Absolutely likable. Finally, another advertisement that is fun to watch. The music in the background also fits very well and is discreet.”

The concluding slogan “Artisans of happiness”, perfectly aligns with Yelloh! Village’s perceived brand image. For families in the UK, this connection ran very deep, leaving them with a lasting impression of the brand and a strong desire to experience a Yelloh! Village holiday firsthand.

We were able to proof that the spot made respondents want to find out more and talk about Yelloh! Village. The intent is particularly strong among families, which was a main target group. Among families, the intention is boosted in both countries, and more than half would like to go to a Yelloh! Village campsite in the UK.

Important to note was also, that when asked about the dislikes of the campaign, the vast majority of respondents in both the UK and Germany simply answered with “Nothing”.

The next part of the study looked at the intent after exposure, how well the brand was linked to the campaign and how likely the viewers were to further engage with the brand. The campaign was a strongly liked creative that boosted the intent to find out more and talk about the brand. In the UK, the brand is ranked as the 3rd most cited name in terms of assisted awareness. In Germany, the brand is lesser known, however, so are its competitors, showing that this is simply the market environment.


Brand Attention:

In advertising, capturing the attention of viewers is essential, and the big screen a great tool to do so. When the respondents of the brand study were asked to recall the ad, the British associated the campaign easily with Yelloh! Village. There were high levels of recall for the creative in digital media, especially in the UK where it reached highest rates with 27% among families and 38% for 25–34-year-olds.

Brand Awareness:

Yelloh! Village aided brand awareness grew substantially thanks to this campaign. People remembering being exposed to the campaign knew the brand way more than others, with a 14-point difference in Germany (9% to 23%) and 29-point in the UK (17% to 46%). Furthermore, the campaign gained 6,89m Ad Impressions in the UK and 11,58m in Germany. This shows the strong memorisation and recognition for the ad in both countries and particularly effectiveness among families in the UK.


The campaign’s scenery and music, curated messages of a fun family holiday. The campaign resulted in a strongly liked creative advert that captured the essence of Yelloh! Village’s commitment to customer service and meticulous attention to every little detail.

Looking to the future, RTL AdAlliance is committed to extending its value-added services to selected clients ensuring the success of their future campaigns. With our expertise in international campaigns and European media markets, we can help brands develop internationally. The quality of our portfolio and media partners help boost KPI and build an amazing base to plan such campaigns on. It is important for RTL AdAlliance to give the utmost support to our clients, especially in terms of research and studies, so that we can aid advertisers and media agencies to measure the results of their campaigns.