February 06th, 2024
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When printing becomes as dramatic as a daily soap: HP promises help with addressable TV campaign, targeting emotional TV environments

  • HP’s newest campaign promises a 'drama-free printing' experience during the most intense moments of TV shows, captivating audiences with addressable TV ads that align seamlessly with the genre of the content 


  • The campaign was planned and created in-house at HP’s European dependence in Barcelona and was booked programmatically via the RTL AdAlliance to target German and Austrian TV audiences 


Luxembourg / Hamburg / Barcelona, 09 January 2024: HP Inc. addresses German and Austrian TV viewers with an addressable TV campaign for its consumer printers as well as the HP Instant Ink subscription model when their attention is highest. The campaign places L-shaped banner ads (Switch-In XXL), introducing the new campaign slogan ‘Print without Drama’, within highly emotional scenes of beloved TV soaps and shows within the Ad Alliance portfolio. The campaign combines the attention of linear TV advertising with a highly contextual message and was planned in-house by HP in cooperation with RTL AdAlliance, the international total video sales house of RTL Group. 

The home printer can become the spot of dramatic scenes when everyone wants to print at the same time or ink has just run out when it is needed most. HP promises an end to that with a campaign utilising the emotional power of TV. The creatives of the addressable TV campaign are targeted based on the TV content and correspond directly with the heartbreak and life changing drama of daily soaps, the nail-biting tension of crime dramas, and the unexpected rivalries and alliances of reality TV formats. 

The digital Switch-In XXL ads are delivered and placed within the linear broadcast TV programme via the programmatic infrastructure of RTL AdAlliance. HP can simply plan and deliver the campaign via the media buying platform The Trade Desk. The targeting capabilities of the smartclip SSP and ad server allow HP to strategically place the campaign within the most climactic moments of selected shows and programmes to merge media and creative for the most synergetic effect – aligning video content with ad content. 


Hannes Slawitscheck, Consumer Print Marketing Manager Germany & Austria, HP Inc.: 

“Our continuous focus is to offer our customers the best-in-class printing experience, without causing any unnecessary friction. The promise of the new campaign, to print without drama, follows this direction and highlights HP's #1 position in the market."


RTL AdAlliance’s dedicated support gave us the creative freedom to evolve the campaign, truly embody this promise, and embrace TV's unique role and usage through contextual targeting.  

"We were able to plan and execute the entire campaign from our European offices in Barcelona and reach German and Austrian audiences effectively, without involving any additional support in the target market. That gives us the opportunity to potentially expand this campaign to additional markets seamlessly.” 


Álvaro Meza De Lama, EMEA Programmatic Manager, HP Inc.: 

“The fact that we at HP have in-housed our media team meant that we have the unique advantage to have a very close relationship between our programmatic team and the overall marketing organisation, which is why we collaborated on this campaign from its conception."

Because of the strong campaign message, we knew from the get-go that it would require a more unique media activation. 

This is where RTL AdAlliance came in with their ATV offering, this allowed us to take over the biggest screen possible while also using TV advertising in a more clever way that is usually possible within the Programmatic ecosystem, we are very excited to have been able to launch such a complex project in such important markets like Germany & Austria and are looking forward to what else this fruitful partnerships will bring.” 

Nicole Haman, Vice President Digital Sales of RTL Ad Alliance:  

“HPs new addressable TV campaign takes advantage of TV’s excellent brand suitability and emotional power. Their creative approach to merge content and advertising message, makes effective use of two of TV advertising’s greatest strong suits: The unmatched quality of content and high viewer attention. By planning the campaign in-house from Barcelona, in collaboration with our international sales office in Milan, and delivering it seamlessly to audiences in Germany and Austria, HP shows how advertisers can effectively reach TV and video audiences all over Europe via our programmatic buying infrastructure.” 

The new campaign kicks off in Germany and Austria and continues to run throughout January and February 2024, planned to reach 2,5 million viewers. A creative switch during the first two weeks of February adapts the campaign for Valentine’s Day. The campaign slogan will then switch to ‘Valentine’s without Drama’ to engage users in the run up to the drama-prone holiday. 


VP Brand & Communications   

Carine Jean-Jean 


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PR Director

Kathrin Müller 


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