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February 19th, 2024
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RTL AdAlliance revamps their Smart Audiences

It’s a new year and with it, we are proud to introduce some upgrades to our Smart Audiences set up and the corresponding data collection. Within Smart Audiences, there are now two pillars to choose from for your segmentation when targeting your next digital video advertising campaign. Next to the RTL AdAlliance Smart Affinities, our persona profiles which advertisers already know well, we have launched a new approach: Smart Demographics.  

Given that segmentation and targeting relies heavily on data, we have also improved and enlarged our data sources. This will provide advertisers with future proof products that help them to face the challenge of general signal loss like the deprecation of 3rd party cookies. Furthermore, with the new RTL AdAlliance setup we can now provide all targeting options on our premium inventory across many European markets, for example Germany, Italy, the Nordics, and more. 

First things first, what is Smart Audiences 

Smart Audiences are specific groups of individuals who are selected based on their behaviours, interests, and characteristics. RTL AdAlliance enables advertisers to find their target audience in a scalable, privacy safe and future proof manner thanks to this segmentation. They are used in Total Video Campaigns, be it for connected TV, Addressable TV, or online video. Consequently, they can be addressed via any screen, TV, laptop, tablet or phone.  

Reflecting our motto: ‘Simplicity for advertisers. Value for publishers’, our Smart Audiences are easy to understand and appealing to advertisers. 

So, what’s new?

To understand what’s new, let us start by examining what is already established within RTL AdAlliance: Smart Affinities. These are our individually profiled and modelled personas be it with an interest in technology, DIY, sports or many more. The data addressing these personas comes from our vast data sources described in the paragraph above.  

For example, imagine you are a luxury brand and would like your ad to reach audiences who are interested in high fashion, jewellery and overall enjoy an elegant and luxurious lifestyle. If so, we would recommend choosing our persona “Luxe Maven” who corresponds to these interests. You can find a more detailed article on the specific persona “Luxe Maven” here

The New Smart Demographics

Back to the subject at hand. We develop proprietary solutions to effectively reach the audiences of our advertisers across Europe. Due to high demands in the market, in addition to these personas aka Smart Affinities, we now offer a second pillar for our Smart Audiences: Smart Demographics. Thanks to this development, our clients can now choose audience segments based on socio-demographic data to target for their advertising.  

For this, we offer five different targeting categories, each of which can be divided into the desired segments, be it age group, gender data, life stages, financial status, or homeownership.  

“RTL AdAlliance offers one unified solution for all accessible markets, which is available on all devices and media types. Thus, we offer a simple, privacy safe and future proof product for our advertisers to reach their audience.”

David Broich
Head of Data & Audiences at RTL AdAlliance

RTL AdAlliance segmentation is future proof thanks to continues improvements and new data sources

Our decision to update our Smart Audience stems from listening to the market. Not only is the data landscape changing with an increased focus on user privacy, but the quality and accuracy of the data is important as well. Advertisers are faced with the challenge of both signal loss through the end of third-party cookies or mobile Ids and raising concerns regarding user privacy in the industry. But even with such a backdrop, clients still aim for high quality and accurate data targeting.  

We, at RTL AdAlliance, have already established vast data sources to face the market challenges head on, however, we continue to add new data sources to grow the richness and vastness of our data. 

What’s next?

Even though the Smart Demographics are the new kid on the block, we are continuously working on providing advertisers with further targeting options also for our Smart Affinities. Soon we will launch the new persona “Pet Fanatic” which will target pet lovers, owners and enthusiasts.  

If you have any questions regarding this article or would like to discuss our data strategy or the Smart Affinities or Demographics with us, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our Product Team is happy to support you with your requests.

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