The New Life of the Living Room 2024


Discover the highly anticipated 3rd edition of RTL AdAlliance’s exclusive research

The New Life of the Living Room

For the first time, we not only analysed the Total Video viewing habits of 11 European Countries in detail, but we also expanded further to the USA. Therefore, we will continue to give you detailed analysis of each country and their viewing habits, but also take a step back, widen our perspective and look at general comparisons between Europe and the US. 

From the ownership of video devices to the complexities of consumption across various devices and platforms, our study has got it all covered. But it doesn't stop there. We're also exploring attitudes towards ads in different video environments and shedding light on the budget allocation for video entertainment.

The launch of the Living Room Club

Unlike previous years where findings were solely presented through webinars, this year brought the unveiling of 'The Living Room Club'. 

This one-day live event took place at the stylish SOHO hotel in London, exclusively attended by key RTL AdAlliance publishers and partners. Against the backdrop of ongoing fragmentation in the media industry, participants engaged in discussions around simplified offers, synergies & partnerships, quality content & trust as success factors, and measurement solutions. 

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Discover our speakers

Craig Morris

Managing Editor at ITVX

Maxime André

Director of Marketing, Innovation & Communication at M6 Publicité

Aurelie Brunet de Courssou

Marketing Director

Genie Godula

Television presenter

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